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>> okay. >> we have a fox news alert. this morning, israeli president benjamin netanyahu warning that iran could be on the brink of nuclear weaponnings capability in just 6 to 7 months. that's a far shorter timeframe than previous estimates. the prime minister's warning, adding new urgency to his demand that president obama set a clear red line. the president has rejected the request for a red line. it is an issue that could deepen what some consider the deepest u.s./israeli rift in decades. good morning. welcome to a brand-new hour of inside america's news headquarters. >> great to have you here. a brand-new hour.
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we are seeing new anti-american protests as the turmoil raging across the muslim world spreads around the globe -- literally. from afghanistan, happens of university students take to the streets in the capitol, kabul, this morning, holding flag, chanting death to america and death to obama. the dpem administrators also burning an american flag and a poster of president obam aall in protest, they say, over an anti-islam film, insulting the prophet muhammad. >> protests have been exploding in two dozen other countries, including cairo, egypt. that is where. >> caller: ironically, 16 months ago, president obama gave his heralded speech to the arab world, titled, a new beginning. but what we're seeing unfold today is raising new questions in some quarters about the obama administration's foreign policy approach in the middle-east. steve centanni with the latest on that. >> reporter: yeah. the u.s. ambassador to the
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united nations, susan rice, emphasized america's strength and influence in the arab world, but did acknowledge one aspect of the u.s. response was lacking. listen. >> what happened in cairo was not sufficiently robust, when president obama picked up the phone and spoke to -- to president morsi, right away, things changed. that's an evidence of our influence and our impact. >> reporter: ambassador rice said the latest intelligence said that the latest intelligence on the uprising in benghazi was spontaneous. but the house intelligence committee chairman mike ronnellers said today, it's too early to tell. president obama has come under intense scrutiny over his handling of the attack. some question whether he should have offered more support in the arab spring and taken a firmer stand against extremist and done more to enhance security in the region. all of these issues very del
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gaiticate in the campaign for the white house and the president. an official in new york said that mitt romney should have waited to comment on benghazi. but he is no fan of president obama's. >> president obam's's policy has been confusing and mis guided. from the day he started his apology tour, when he was, no matter what anybody says, apologizing to the world. >> reporter: the fbi conducting the ongoing investigation of the attacks in cairo and benghazi. >> thank you. >> u.s. defense secretary leon panetta saying that the turmoil raging across the world is likely to continue into the days ahead. what is the next step for the u.s. government and world leaders? steven yates, the former assistant to dick cheney for national security affairs and the national affairs analyst at
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the u.s. department of defense, great to see you with that experience in mind. what needs to happen right now? can this be gotten under control quickly enough so more lives are not lost? >> i think unfortunately, secretary panetta is correct that the turbulence is likely to be longer term. after all, the recent wave of turbulence began more than a year and-a-half ago. and really to dead, we have seen no clear policy from the president. we have had tactical responses to the outrageous attacks in recent days, we haven't really had a forceful president to president morsi's unacceptable response to providing security for our compounds in his own sovereign territory. i am afraid there is a lot that the administration needs to do, not the least of which to explain to ordinary american what is it has in mind. >> this is a time of defense cuts. what is it that we can do to
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fortify the resources and the installations that we have, the consulates in the embassies in countries, when countries like sudan are saying they are not going to allow our marines in -- not to battle, but to protect with we have. >> well, it's true that we face limited resources. but we are not without means. we have, for many, many years, come up with strategies to try to prevent sufficient defense. but what comes first and foremost is listening to what enemies andageitators are saying, the egyptian national television ran hathey considered to be the insidious video and the minute that happened, there should have been a more vigorous security postnur all of these diplomatic posts. >> did we know that in the head run there? >> well, we pay a lot of people a lot of money to watch these things all the time, not the least of which, those in the diplomatic compounds. i trust that it was watched, that it got reported back and
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there should have been a vigorous response. >> so, steven, secretary of state hillary clinton is on the phone, overnight, we're told, calling state department personnel around the world, in countries, not only asking for cooperation from leaders, but telling our own folk, in many places to leave. how will we know when it's safe for them to go back? >> that's a good question. i doubt we will if we don't have vigorous engagement in a secure way across the region. really, we have a lot of people that take risks for the united states, to go into these troubled areas to know who is doing what with whom and to help those who stand on our side of what we hope change will bring. i think it's very, very important not to disengage from this vital region. we have to find a way to doesn't involve military invasions of course. the count re's weary of that. we have to find ways to support those who are more secular in their outlook, they may not be a majority or the strongest, but
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these are our long-term allies. >> you are saying, there has to be tolerance for cultural differences. but my big concern that that folks don't want to go and assume those posts because of the danger and then how will we get information like the video running in egypt, if we don't have the right number of people in the right places... our national security, could it be jeopardized? >> of course, there are time when is diplomats will famously step forward, as happened in the disgraceful moment in the state department, saying going to iraq would be a death sentence. that wasn't true. we didn't lose diplomats there. but it's true that people could be deterred from taking dangerous posts. but we have to learn to rely on allies who are on our side of what we see as a threat. but we need to step back and begin to tell the truth. the threat against us is not just al qaeda. there is a violent ideology that
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is politicized, seeking to use opportunities like the video and other kinds of things to push us out of the region and to criticize those who stand against this islamist movement in the region. >> last question, of all the countries, 20 or more where there are protests, who is with us? which countries, do you think we can rely on the most to supportinous our efforts to calm things down? >> there are many countries that are deeply disturbed by the uncertainty that is unfolding there. many around the gulf coast have tried in their ways to influence outcomes in libya, for instance, and the new government in libya, while this was a terrible event that occurred there, they were relatively quick to step forward and say, but for having adequate capacity, we find this terrible, they want to work with us to try to chart a new future. there are people we can work with in each of these places
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across the region. >> thank so much. great to have you here. such a troubling time in our world right now. thank you. >> thank you, jamie. >> eric. >> a fox news alert. fox news has confirmed that the four nato troops killed in the latest insider attack in afghanistan this morning -- well they were our own american troops. this is the third apparent insider attack there in just as many days. nato says at least one afghan police officer turned his disbun on coalition troops in a remote checkpoint before escaping. in all, 8 troops have died in these type of attacks just in the past 3 days. nato investigates the latest attack, it is sadly just the latest in a series of tragic so-called green-on-blue killings that have been increasing in the past few months. so far this year, there have been more than 50 such killings of nato forces. last year, there were 35. >> we have new reaction to an
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fbi bust of an alleged teenaged terrorist in chicago. agents arresting 18-year-old adeldo on friday, after he allegedly tried to detonate what he thought was a car bomb outside of a chicago bar. the fbi said an undercover agent gave the teen the fake bomb. the investigation beginning after the teenager, an american citizen, reportedly sent email, discussing violent jihad and killing americans. a neighbor said she is shocked by the accusations. >> it's very scary... and it hurts my heart because i never would have thought -- never what i have thought, you know that this was the way his mind is going. i have sat and listened to him in conversation with my kids, all the time. >> he's only 18 years old and schedule dod appear in a federal court on monday on charges, including attempting to use a weapons of mass destruction. >> the state of wisconsin is
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appealing the workers union law there. the republican governor, scott walker, pressed for the sweeping changes to union rules to try to eliminate the state's budget deficit. it prompted massive protests at the state's capitol in dispb efforts to recall walker. most public employees have to pay more for benefits and eliminated bargaining rights. governor walker handily won the recall. >> brand-new demonstrations in new york city. the organizers say the three-day event will be more laid-back than the last year occupy wall street. tomorrow, there is a planned sit-down protest in the financial district. organizers say there are no plans to up on zuccotti park,
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protesting against what they call the richest 1%. >> a new report shedding more light on how devastating the financial crisis has been. it's been exactly 4 years this weekend, since the collapse of leyland brothers that started the ball rolling. according to a non-profit watchdog, the crisis has cost our country an estimated $13 trillion. what do we do about it? brenda buttner? brend athere are warnings that we may not be out of the woods yet. >> there is definitely a fear that we are not out of the woods, that this financial crisis did have a very difficult, you know, hit in the financial market, certainly and hit the u.s. economy and globally. very interesting to take a look at the study, though. it says $13 t was the cost of the -- of the financial
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mess that was started by leyland brothers seven years ago. 7 is from a 10-year period. they looked at gdp, that's the largest member of the u.s. economy. so you can't look at declining home values and corporate earnings and human suffering and unemployment. it is hard to measure those things. so they took a look at gdp and said add on $5.2 trillion that would have been lost if policy-makers had wante not been what they did in terms of bailouts and fiscal... policies, basically and monetary policies. but there is a lot of controversy to this, of course, eric, as you can imagine because the problem is that right now, wall street and businesses are complaining about over regulation. a lot of people who take a look at the study criticize it for that. they say, you are want looking at the cost of over regulation that came as a result of the
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financial mess and the bankruptcy of lehman brothers? >> you have world derivatives, whatever that is and all of these things that we don't know anything about, but sound scary -- they call it the fiscal cliff at the end of the year with the capital gains taxes. >> that's problems in washington with politicians actually saying, we need to stop spending, we need to cut the deficit and where exactly do you do it? they keep putting it off and now it's put off untilar after the election. so that's separate from this issue. but there is no doubt that this had a tremendous impact and depending on you who you talk to, it had an impact perhaps to the wrong way, the pendulum swung too far and now banks are not lending because there is too much over regulation and the fed is trying to print more money and pump it into the system so the consumers will spend more so basically, we will have more hiring.
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so we haven't seen the end of the financial crisis, it's a question of how, as it always is, how do you prevent another one and how do you basically put some sort of an end to the one that is not over at all. >> look what happened on friday, bern besh, they pumped whatever they do with the bonds and the stock market shoots up. is that the statue of liberty play? like they are doing -- you know -- >> that's a very good question. wall street basically celebrated the fact that the feds will print more money and put, you know -- and buy mortgage-backed securities in the hope that this will help the housing crisis, in the hope that that will cause businesses to stop -- start hiring. the problem is, it can keep printing money, even though we have the huge debt that a lot of people are ignoring in the election. they can keep printing money. but only to a point. because then we may have infraigz and other problems.
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there is really not much evidence that -- this is the third attempt that the fed is doing this, that what they have done in the past has caused unemployment to go down. i mean, there are those who would argue, you know, we are not as bad as we could have been, but it's very difficult to calculate. >> $16 trillion debt -- going up. >> that's one number you can count on. >> thank you. jamie? >> eric, brand-new developments coming into the fox newsroom on the chicago teachers stria strike. there is word of a new contract offer. but will it be enough to get school back in session tomorrow? >> and the anti-american violence that has been spreading, pushing foreign policy to the forefront of the presidential election. which cappedidate as a better approach? and how will this impact the comef? a fair and balanced debate, straight ahead. oh no, not a migraine now.
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>> eric: we could learn as soon as this afternoon if the chicago school teachers will be back on thion and the kids back in the classroom. union leaders and district officials have beenr have been working through the weekend, that deal would give teachers a raise, but require tougher, new evaluations. the teachers walked off the job last monday, leaving more than 350,000 chicago students in limbo. >> shannon: i bet you are feeling it -- who isn't? tough economic times and serious belt tightening. people are stretching their dwls it comes to their legal needs, from preparing a will to fighting a foreclosure to filing a wrongful termination suit. the internet has options for legal services and advice. in the take-charge consumer protection segment, we will look at whether or not going online can save you a trip from the
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lawyers office. we have greg doherty, thank you for doing this -- you took a really close look at the online legal web sites. does it matter what the issue is that you need help with? does it work in some instances than in others? >> well, you know, our finding is that it can work pretty well for very simple cases. you might not need to consult a lawyer. but if your life has any complications, as most of our lives do, you probably want to consult a lawyer. you might want to do a software package first and that could save you time and money. >> shannon: i can imagine, preparing a will, putting your documents together for that, forming a corporation, what was your impression, generally, in terms of competence? do the web sites vary? do they take into consideration what state you live? >> they do take into consideration the state and not always the county and that can
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be a county. i think the general thing to point out though is that, in terms of preparing your will. if this is all you do, it's better than nothing. we know that between 50 and 60% of americans don't have a will at all. a will is really important, especially if you have minor children because that's where you name the guardians. people do need a will. if this is the only thing they can afford, this is worth doing. >> is it affordable? >> the services, the online services are $$8 to $20 a month, the software is $40 to $50, and there are add-ons, so it's happier than a lawyer. >> shannon: i am not looking to put lawyers out of business. a lot of people do a great job tending to some of these needs. but are there lawyers whined the web sites? -- lawyers behind the web sites? >> they are put together professionally. and they often have real, you
8:24 am
know, human lawyers you can consult for an additional fee. so, yeah, there are lawyers. but the problem is that in trying to make something like this simple for the purposes of software or an online questionnaire, you fill out, they necessarily can't get into all the things that a lawyer, if you are face to face, talking about your life, might come up with. they strike a compromise between the limits of the software and the almost knowledge they bring to it. >> you just did this, look. >> shannon: you just did this study, looking at these this month. how many did you look at? is this a growing industry? are we seeing more and more legal assistance web sites? >> it is growing and they are getting better. it's very promising, hathey are doing. we looked at three specifically. we looked at nolo with a software package and one called rocket lawyer and legal zoom. we created hypotheticallal families with various complications in their lives and
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created documents and submitted them in a blind test to law professor who is are expert. that's how we did the test. >> shannon: interesting. so we can understand how you came to the conclusions that you did. great to have you here, as always. good friend of the network. consumer reports. >> thank you. >> shannon: for more on how you can take charge of a number of consumer issue, including this one on the legal web sites, go to and write on the main page. you can see, america's news hq and you can see take charge consumer protection segments only on this program. >> eric: every sunday. great tips, jamie. >> shannon: thank you. >> eric: she was the democratic candidate for congress, accused of voting in two states in the same two elections. how could this happen? the voter fraud unit is on the case coming up. >> is foreign policy dominating the conversation on the campaign trail, which candidate has the better plan to keep america
8:26 am
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>> eric: the anti-american protest flaring up overseas, pushing foreign policy front and center in the race for the white house. paul ryan hitting the president hard on the latest disturbing developments. >> american foreign policy needs moral clarity and firmness of purpose. [cheers and applause]
8:31 am
only by president confident exercise of american influence are evil and violence overcome. that is how we keep abroad from coming crisis. that is what keeps the peace. >> eric: that message, tell resonate? we bring sally kahn dot-com and a political analyst and national political correspondent for talk ready news service. welcome, toney and sally. how did the flag burnings -- these horrible attacks, the terrible killings of the americans, how does thisical -- how does this cal dron play into the race? >> this pring brings front and center the abysmal and lack of clear foreign policy by president obam ain the middle-east. powell powell said if we went into iraq, that would be the pottery barn test -- if we break
8:32 am
it, we own. this is the case with president obama with egypt, libya and most of the arab spring, which is radical government in countries that helph people, albeit authority eightive that we were able to deal with and understood our interests and helped to protect our interests. this president is presiding over, as you point out, a swelling cal dron that shows what happens when the world economy is not led by a strong american resolve. >> eric: sally, is this an abysmal foreign policy as tony said? >> no. there are two very different philosophies here of foreign policy, one in which the united states tries to impose its will on the world and the other, which has been the president's take all along, which says, we are going to be an ally to people who seek human rights, democracy and freedom around the world, which is trying to spread american values and american
8:33 am
interests around the globe, but not impose them. allow them to take root, authentically. there is a struggle happening right now in the middle-east between old-line extremist -- you know, fanatical muslims and the new era of people who want democracy and who want freedom and who want human rights and justice. and the united states is standing firmly on their side. i can't imagine what would seem more consistent with american values in the world than that. >> eric: tony, go ahead. >> i want to point out, if that were true, why aren't we in syria and back up the iranian revolutionaries in the beginning of the obama administration that rose up against ahmadinejad and really tried to fight within, in those countries? if that was the obama doctrine, even if i disagree with it, that would be coherent, we would be ousting assad from sirria. the reality is, we have let the arab street dictate for the first time in our history, our policy in that region. very similar to jimmy cartener
8:34 am
1979, we went in to egypt and did not back up, our sole ally, hosni mubarak, who at least was cooperating with us and defending the right of israel to exist as a state. we helped topple him and the shaw in 1979. what did we get? we got ayatollah khomeini. i do think that the race now can change as a result of this dynamic. >> eric: sally, what about a president who sides with the arab street, as tony says isn't new york times says more than any foreign leader, he has sided again with the arab street, even against our allies? >> we have to define -- it's more complicated than that -- what american interests are abroad. tony is right. traditionally, we have said, we don't care if millions of people are oppressed and repressed by the government, so long as those governments do the bidding of what we deem to be american interests. and i think, you know, look, we
8:35 am
are now entering a new era, where we are saying, we are going to try to have a free and just world that reflects american value, not by keeping people under our thumb, but by trying to culturally broadcast and encourage and support authentic democracy, which incidentally is in the long run more sustainable. but let's be clear, the republicans are not going to be happy no matter what the president did -- he didn't go into egypt soon enough -- he went in too soon. the president is trying to practice diplomacy in a complicated world. >> eric: tony, do you think that's fair? >> there is not one example in american history, especially as it relates to the middle-east, where appeasement has been a successful policy over strength. you have a president who was dilutional enough to think that because of his background and because he was a political transformative rock star that the muslim world would greet him
8:36 am
with flowers and dialogue. the president of the united states, i don't like to see his picture burned or torn apart, this is the essential problem in this region. you have radicals who really dominate the pol particulars. even the organized government in palestine is hamas -- a terrorist organization. in egypt, we got rid of an ally, hosni mubarak for the muslim brotherhood to come into place. two months ago in libbia, the rebels we supported raised the muslim brotherhood flag over their capitol building. they murdered our ambassador -- >> the government did not put -- [overlapping dialogue] >> whoa, whoa, whoa. the government did want do that in libya. you know, a group of rebels did. let's be clear-- the rebels are the government in libya. >> no, you emphat kate condemned it and tried to prevent it and so did a lot of peace-loving libyans and according to polls, most of them are incredibly
8:37 am
supportive of the united states and grate of the federal role we played. the reality is that mitt romney is behind president obama in a 10-point margin in who americans think will deal better with foreign policy. the last week reflects a desperation on the part of mitt romney to try to, instead of when american interests are at stake and we have a foreign policy crisis, instead of backing up the president as a good american should, he is injecting politics into the protionz and he is projecting a weak image by weakening america's resolve abroad. it's shameful. >> it is really funny. i hear from democrats all the time, how weak rom me is and he doesn't stand for anything. when i comes out with what i think was an appropriate and bold statement, and the white house adopted what he was saying, he is unseamly. he could be the president of the united states. this is a real-time crisis-- we are out of time. >> we don't know what will happen and romney has to be very
8:38 am
clear. >> eric: sorry, but we have the clock. sally and tony, thank you. >> thanks, eric. >> the anti-american protests continue to erupt around the world. how's the media covering the event? liz trotta with her commentary. >> first of all, forget about that movie -- you know, the underground film that reportedly defiles islam and the prophet. it is so underground, the media spent days trying to locate it. all in their effort to hang blame for the attacks in egypt and libya on anyone or anything, rather than where it belongs on the heads of blood-thirsty terrorists and the obama administration's naive and toothless policies in the middle-east. their supporters in the liberal media reinforce president obama's disturbing reluctance to offend the islamic world.
8:39 am
consider the cnn correspondent, referring to the mobs outside the u.s. embass necairo as, quote, hooligans, or secretary of state hillary clinton's dedicated campaign to stick to the canard that the benghazi murders were committed by, quote, a maul, savage group. didn't they say that about the bolsheviks and the nazis and didn't the egyptians vote to elect the muslim brotherhood? laying siege to u.s. diplomatic missions is a time-honored strategy, saigon, 1968. sanz 93, nairobi, 1998 -- among many others. but the gold standard was set in nine 79 with the occupation of our embass netehran. islamic terrorist who is called themselves students held 53 american hostages for more than a year and emboldened the cause and set the stage for their stated march to islamist
8:40 am
sepremacy. president carter then showed the same timidity we see in obama today in the face of a new onslaught from the east. now, 3 1/2 years into obama's quote, smart diplomacy, close quote, history's lessons go unheeded. if anything, government officials have stirred the flames of this islamic terrorism, spiking the football became a football for bragging about the osama bin laden raid. it is the theme of his campaign for re-election. during the presidential campaign and at the democratic connection, vice-president biden gloated away at the successful navy seal raid, almost inviting a response from people who need little encouragement for butchery. osama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive, he shouts. leaks fleed from intelligence and military communities to the hollywood producers and ex-seals who knowingly or not, would only burnish the obama image in books
8:41 am
and movies. how ironic that two of their brothers would fall, defending the u.s. consulate in benghazi. and small wonder that last week in cairo, they were chanting obama-osama as they scaled the embassy walls. among the smart classes, much has been made of how the arab spring may turn to winter, without mentioning the dreaded domino theor theatmedia and politicals had seen as the dream of the golden dawn of peace of the middle east. what will they say now that their vision of arab unity is exposed for what it is, a boiling brew of anti-american enmity that flies in the face that moderate arabs abhor violence. moderates are the majority, they are just shy about speaking up.
8:42 am
ambassador chris stevens was shown no mercy, neither was daniel pearl when al qaeda cut his throat, nor were the terrified occupants of the world trade center on september 11, 2001. 9/11 is what these latest atrocities are all about. punishing us, once more, to let us know they are still there. waiting. >> eric: west nile virus in the u.s., how bad it can get and where. we will have the latest, coming up next. whoa, look at all those toys. insuring that stuff must be a pain. nah. he's probably got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. they can bundle all your policies together. lot of paperwork. [ doug ] actually... [ voice of dennis ] an allstate agent can help do the switching and paperwork for you. well, it probably costs a lo [ voice of dennis ] allstate can save you up to 30% more when you bundle. well, his dog's stupid. [ voice of dennis ] poodles are one of the world's smartest breeds.
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8:47 am
what's the latest? >> reporter: yes, you are right. the numbers will continue to rise. if will only get worse before it gets better. we saw a significant uptake in louisiana, perhaps from stagnant water from hurricane isaac. >> it takes somebody with severe disease, they may die a week a month or six months later, after the initial illness. so we will expect, even if transmission stopped tomorrow, which is not going to be the case, but even if it did stop tomorrow, we would expect the number of deaths to rise. >> reporter: look at this map, you can see the epicenter in the heart of texas, but every state reporting cases except hawaii and alaska. cdc saying 2,236 cases, 118 fatal. but other states seeing record number it's louisiana, south
8:48 am
dakota and mississippi and oklahoma, although experts can't nail down an exact reason for the severity of the outbreak. an unusually warm winter allowed them to incubate in normally cold month. many cities have taken to aerial spraying. those who have opted out are working on public awareness campaigns, saying people to stay inside from dusk to dawn and protect yourself with bug spray? >> the fox news voter fraud unit looking at a very surprising case. voting twice in the same elections in we will fill you in. [ male announcer ] this is rudy.
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>> eric: to the fox news voter fraud unit am a congressional candidate forced out of the race by allegeds of voter fraud. the maryland democratic party says their candidate for the first congressional district voted in two different states in the same elections, twice. those could be felonies. she is wendy rosy, the democrat facing republican congressman andy harris. she allegedly registered to vote in both maryland and florida and cast ballots in both states in the 2006 and 2008 elections. she has dropped out of the race,
8:53 am
citing personal issues. the baltimore sun reports that rosen told the paper she registered in florida to support a very close friend, running for the st. petersburg city council and to vote on the local issues. asked if she voted in both states in the same elections, rosen said, she did not remember how she voted. asked if she voted twice in the 2008 presidential primaries, she declined to comment. >> quote, due to possible litigation. with us is david ferguson, a representative from the maryland republican party. this is unbelievable. a candidate for congress voting in two states in the same elections. how could this happen? >> well, she wanted to help out her friend in florida, she should have sent her a campaign contribution. that's what most people do. instead, she tried to steal the right to vote away from somebody else. it's unfortunate. she decided to be the model citizen for the first congressional district in maryland. >> eric: now the florida
8:54 am
officials are investigating. what's going on in maryland? >> the voter file has been sent to a state's attorney in florida and hopefully, both pam bondi and doug ganzler will not only investigate, but prosecute her to the fullest extent of the law. >> eric: do you think they take it seriously? here, we found a voter who voted twice in 2010 by absentee ballot in one county and then in person and nothing happened. the new york daily news found 46,000 people registered in new york and florida. do you think people take this seriously? >> unfortunately, it is not taken as serious as the problem really is. i mean, it's systemic. it is not partisan. it's simple. one person, one vote. >> eric: how do you think they can stop this? >> i think, first off, taking the prosecution seriously. i know there has been recent investigations and charges brought in pennsylvania and
8:55 am
kentucky and other states. you have places like uniontown, alabama, where you have more people voting than are registered age population. so this is time that we start to take voter fraud and election integrity serious leally. >> eric: do you think voter i.d. is the big issue in pennsylvania? we're awaiting that decision by the supreme court. could voter i.d. or the system could have stopped if they found out if she did vote twice in the same election in two states? >> well, i think voter i.d. is a good first step. that's the last place you show your identification before you 'the ballot. i think that's an extra step. but the problem is systemic. it is not partisan. it is in all 50 states. it is time that we start looking at people's national change of addresses from the postal service. it's time we look at the social security administration files for death records. it is time we stop allowing people in the cemeteries to vote and stop allowing people to vote
8:56 am
twice just for a political advantage. we don't have soldiers dies overseas to protect their right to vote twice. >> eric: there is an investigation, now ongoing am we will keep on the case. david ferg senate son, thank yo. >> eric: if you suspect voter fraud, there's the address. we'll be right back at usaa, we believe honor is not
8:57 am
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